We’re intending many future publications, which are more detailed than our entries on this website. We’re here to simply introduce you and provide a central place for people to come. This section will list all the ones related to Queens and Cincinnati history that we have written or have been mentioned in.

Our Work

  • Andres, Sean E. “Sallie Piatt: Queen of Queen City and of My Heart.” Paideuma, vol. 46, National Poetry Foundation, pp. 120-1. [forthcoming]
    • This is one of a set of essays from the Piatt research team, writing of their efforts in recovering Piatt to academia and the public.
  • Andres, Sean “Sarah Morgan Bryan Piatt.” Literary Landscapes, The New Territory Publishing, July 2021.
  • Andres, Sean. “Sean Andres: Marketer, Writer, and Former Educator.” [Interview.] Ball State English Department, 2017.
    • Here, Andres talks about what he’s done and how his undergrad in English Education led him to where he is today! He talked a lot about the Piatt research team, but it was cut.
  • Hoskins, Chelsie. “‘This book is not about heroes’: Woolf, Owen, and an Unlikely Partnership in Crafting Protest.” Virginia Woolf and Social Justice, 6 June 2019, Mt. St. Joseph University.
  • Hussein-Wetzel, Deqah and Vanessa Quirk. “South Cumminsville: For the Love of the Neighbohood.” Urban Roots: Lost Voices of Cincinnati. [Podcast.] Urbanist Media, 16 July 2021.
    • Andres appears on the South Cumminsville episode of the Urban Roots podcast, discussing the important of Sarah Fossett in Cincinnati and Black history.


We’ve been cited in a variety of resources, particularly when it comes to the Thompson sisters, including Wikipedia. However, our research has has been more than cited; we’ve been footnoted!

  • Renker, Elizabeth. The Early Poems of Sarah Morgan Bryan (Piatt) in the New York Ledger, 1857-1860 [Columbus, OH], Ohio State University, 2019.
    • Dr. Renker acknowledges Andres’s major discovery in the Xian Repository in the complete Piatt poems in the New York Ledger public project.
  • Renker, Elizabeth. Realist Poetics in American Culture, 1866-1900. Oxford University Press. Oxford, UK. Gordon Hutner, Ed. 2018. (Amazon, OUP)
    • In colleague Dr. Elizabeth Renker’s 2018 book, Andres is also mentioned in the footnotes for his discovery of a large chunk of Sallie M. Bryan poetry (later Sarah Morgan Bryan Piatt). To note, Dr. Renker also discusses the poetry of Andres’s favorite… Priscilla Jane Thompson! We both had been recovering her at the same time without talking about it!
  • Renker, Elizabeth. “Research Spotlight: Elizabeth Renker.” [Interview.] The Ohio State University Department of English. 26 Feb 2019.
    • Andres (and sometimes Hoskins) has been working extensively with a team of Sarah Morgan Bryan Piatt scholars (known as the second-wave Piatt scholars), Ohio State University, and Piatt Castles to get Piatt’s name and work back into public knowledge. While he’s been drowning in research (partly for this very project of ours), discovering poems and the only published narrative piece by Piatt, he’s also been learning a lot of politics through her and how to effectively research by investigating a little-known figure. His role, as the marketing expert, is to help bring her to the public in as many ways as possible.
    • “with Sean E. Andres, a marketing professional in Cincinnati who avidly researches Piatt as an avocation and who recently made a major discovery of poems previously unknown to anyone”