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Cincinnati is a city of firsts a city of revolution, a city of culture, a city of science. It once ruled alongside New York City and New Orleans as a major city of destination and advancement. Take a journey with us into the past, as we reveal the hidden histories to understand the present in order to take action for the future. Women’s and queer roles in the city’s history are a large part of that. We aim to shed light on these historical figures who have changed the arts, sciences, trades, politics, and society in the Greater Cincinnati Area.

We’re not rewriting history. We’re just telling more of it – from a different point of view.

We would like to acknowledge that the land on which the Greater Cincinnati Area currently exists was unjustly stolen from the Myaamia, Shawnee, Delaware, and Osage whose peoples go back into the Adena and Hopewell cultures for thousands of years and had cultivated and cared for this land long before colonial settlers came to try to destroy it by “civilizing” it and the people who inhabited it.

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Fannie R. Gaston

Fannie R. Gaston was a woman of science. And math. And religion. And art. And suffrage. And temperance. And words. And teaching. She was, well, a lot! Fannie was a complex woman full of contradictions but also proof that none of us are perfectly wrapped packages.

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