About Queens of Queen City

What started out as a creative writing project with research rabbit-holed into an extensive, wide-cast, full-fledged research project. Much of this research would never be seen in the creative writing project, though. This website never came to fruition until a trip to the Cincinnati Observatory, in which we discovered the crucial role of women in the first observatory in the U.S., and Louisa Mitchel was not mentioned in any websites, not even on Wikipedia!

What made Cincinnati one of the most important cities in America in the 1800s? Why was it and is it so darn special? Cincinnati is a city of firsts, and it still is. We aim to shed light on the women we discovered–the women who have changed the arts, sciences, trades, politics and environmental health.

These are the women who have changed our lives, and we just haven’t known it.

About Us

We are two educators and marketers from the Cincinnati area seeking to shed light on the amazing women we discover in this wonderful city.


S. E. Andres

S.E. Andres is a marketer, writer, and former educator. He has a B.S. in Secondary English/Language Arts Education with a focus on women writers during the Civil War and a M.S. in Marketing with a focus on diversity marketing from applied feminist and race theory. He loves to be outdoors among the trees and woodland critters when he’s not glued to the computer—writing, researching, and working. He aspires to be Leslie Knope.

Chelsie Hoskins

Chelsie Hoskins is a marketer, writer, educator, and former OTR tour guide. She has a B.S. in English Literature and Anthropology and a M.S. in English. When she isn’t working two jobs, Chelsie can be found spending time with her sassy energetic kittens and her lovable aging horse Diamond. She’s now known as the Queen of OTR, and if you talk to anyone who works there, they’ll know the lady with the bright red lipstick and a voice fit to entertain a beer hall without a microphone. If you mention that she looks like Agent Peggy Carter, you’ll win her heart forever.