Here our the upcoming events associated with Queens of Queen City. Our live appearances will be more story-driven than the entries on our website. For other women-centric events around Cincinnati, check out our Facebook page or twitter account.

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  • Kill Your Idols
    • Chessie’s
    • Sunday, 4 September 2022, 3-5 pm ET
    • Queens of Queen City will challenge the status quo of he way we talk about history by presenting the stories of women who challenge the way we tell history and idolize the figures from it. Learn about:
      • Louisa Brueck had her own brewery during the Civil War in Cincinnati, and her daughters went on to own a boarding house for other divorced or widowed women. Sean looks at how creating these networks of support in marginalized communities can inspire movements through everyday heroism.
      • Imogene Remus, wife of George, has long been villainized as an unfaithful harpy. Chelsie will analyze this position and build a case for changing our mindset.
      • Recently given a suffrage sign in Eden Park, Cornelia Cassady Davis was the matron of the art world, providing tutelage and sanctuary, creating space for new artists and taking space where there were none. Learn about the groundbreaking suffrage artist who hobnobbed with presidents and gained the trust of Native tribes and nations in the West.
  • Light food alongside coffee/tea will be provided. Donations are accepted
  • 1128 Beech Ave – Price Hill