Here our the upcoming events associated with Queens of Queen City.

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  • Pride Night
    • 10 June 2023, 7-9 pm
    • Cincinnati Observatory Center
    • $20
    • Cincinnati has always been positioned as a backwater city, without the queer history of places like NYC or San Francisco. But Cincinnati was the “Paris of America” in the mid to late 19th century and hosted scores of people that we would now refer to as LGBTQ. Some people, like Annie Hindle, lived in a rather unapologetic queerness in the public spotlight for decades. Others, like Mary Ann Jefferson, lived on the margins of society and were only “discovered” upon their death. In addition to highlighting the remarkable lives of queer people both in the spotlight and the shadows of society, Pride Night Speaker Jacob Hogue will cover two of the very first trials concerning homosexuality in the region, will dive into obscenity trials and Cincinnati’s gender-bending masquerades, will explore queer characters in Cincinnati’s red light district and OTR concert halls, and analyze the role of female and male impersonation on political discourse in Cincinnati. Pride Night will also include self-guided tours of the Observatory and grounds. There will be Local LGBTQ organizations sharing information. All guests will leave with more knowledge of the LGBTQ community in Cincinnati and some special pride goodies! The event will also include solar viewing during the first hour, weather permitting.
  • Stand-Up History
    • 21 June 2023
    • Muse Cafe
    • Chelsie presents.
  • Stand-Up History
    • 19 July 2023
    • Muse Cafe
    • Sean presents.
  • Stand-Up History
    • 16 August 2023
    • Muse cafe
    • Chelsie presents.
  • Lunch & Learn
    • 26 April 2024, 12-1 pm
    • Taft Museum of Art
    • The Life and Work of Cornelia Cassady Davis