Past Events

We’ve been presenting at and creating events all over the region. Check out what we’ve done in the below. These are past events that appeared on our events page.

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  • The Thompson Sisters: An Ode to Black Women presented by S. E. Andres of Queens of Queen City
    • Tuesday, 22 January 2019, 6 pm – 9 pm
    • The Rook OTR, 1115 Vine St, Cincinnati 45202
    • Priscilla Jane and Clara Ann Thompson were daughters of two runaway slaves who made their way to the safety of an abolitionist in Rossmoyne, a suburb of Cincinnati. These sisters sought to strengthen the community and change the country with their powerful words. Learn how these two talents brought lessons of slavery to influence the Harlem Renaissance and civil rights from Cincinnati.
    • This event is free, unless you’re buying food and drink from The Rook.
    • Find out more about the event on Facebook.
  • “Dusting Off Tombs and Tomes: The Queens of Queen City” (Nerd Nite Cincinnati)
    • Tuesday, 12 June 2018, 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
    • The Rook OTR, 1115 Vine St., Cincinnati, OH 45202
    • As part of the recently launched project called Queens of Queen City, S.E. Andres and Chelsie Hoskins have been uncovering lost and hidden history of Cincinnati’s women. This has led them to involvement in exciting local and international projects. They’ve been taken on adventures of literally digging for graves and dusting off untouched documents in the attic of Mac-A-Cheek Castle that unravel lives.
    • Nerd Nite is a monthly meeting where nerds of various sorts share knowledge over drinks in the form of 15-20 min presentations! (Usually 3 a Nite.) Topics cover a huge range: music and mathematics, an inside look at Disneyland’s off-limits areas, the history of pets through the ages, math in Futurama, toy advertising and gender, etc etc etc.
    • This event is free to attend.
    • The Rook OTR has delicious food and drink available for purchase.
    • Must be 21+
  • Sarah_PiattWhat Makes a Poet Great?  Sarah Piatt’s Rediscovery as the Nineteenth-Century’s Lost Voice
    • Sunday, 15 April 2018, 4:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.
    • Harriet Beecher Stowe House, 2950 Gilbert Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45206
    • Presented by Professor Elizabeth Renker, Ohio State University
    • An introduction to Piatt, why people haven’t heard of her, how she was “found” again in the 1990s, and how she has since become one of the great poets entering curricula and literary history.
    • This event is free to attend. Suggested donations are $5.
    • All are welcome to attend.
  • SHE in the Pub Cincinnati: The Winding Road of a Pioneering Artist
    • 28 August 2017, 5:30 p.m. -7:30 p.m., Streetside Brewery
    • Presented by S.E. Andres of Queens of Queen City
    • The life of Lillian F. Schwartz is remarkable. From surviving polio and anti-Semitism to serving as a nurse in WWII, the Cincinnati native taught herself art, then applied it to a burgeoning technology in the 70s: computers. Her work would pioneer computer animation, winning an Oscar and an Emmy, and inspire a whole new world (but without the credit).
    • This event is free to attend.
    • All are welcome to attend. Must be 18+ or have a parent or legal guardian to attend.**Streetside Brewery’s kitchen will not be open, but you are welcome to bring food in. Also, a number of restaurants are close by and will deliver, including Taglio, Tusculum Grille and Buz Restaurant.
People were too enthralled to take photos, so I have none.
On 29 August 2017, S.E. Andres presented on Cincinnati native Lillian F. Schwartz at Super Heroines in the Pub with acclaim for both presenter and subject.
  • Salon at Mac-O-Chee
    • 12 August 2017, 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
    • S.E. Andres will be presenting Cincinnati-focused material at the Second Salon at Mac-O-Chee, featuring new research and initiatives on the Piatt collection at the Ohio State University and readings of Sarah Piatt’s poems.
    • This event is free and open to the public.
I've got an creeper looking over my shoulder.
S.E. Andres presented on 12 Aug 2017 at Piatt Castles for the Second Salon, to present on new Cincinnati-based research.