Quiz Bio: Celia Logan

Celia Logan (17 Dec 1837 – 18 Jun 1904) was born in Philadelphia to a family of stage actors. When her father bought a theater in Cincinnati, the family lived and performed there, working with and drawing in the most famous actors (other than them). Celia left Cincinnati for a life of adventure, but her interests and talents took her away from the stage. But she always returned to Cincinnati and took Cincinnati with her. In London, Celia worked as a Civil War correspondent, translating into Latin, the only language she had in common with the French and Italians. She also flourished as a novelist there. Upon returning home, she stretched her creative work as a journalist, singed with biting humor. Her friend from Cincinnati, Donn Piatt, enlisted her to serve as a writer when he edited and as an editor of his paper The Capitol. She didn’t perform as much anymore, but rather used to fame to organize events, raise money for worthy causes, and fight against child labor. Her works were deeply rooted in experience, history, and social justice.