Quiz Bio: Catharine Beecher

Catharine Beecher (06 Sep 1800 – 12 May 1878) was a force to be reckoned with. She was very much her father’s daughter (as the oldest of his children) and cared deeply about the same things he did: women staying in the domestic realm, education, and eradicating Catholicism. In 1923, she started the Hartford Female Seminary, and in 1831, she moved with her father to Cincinnati and opened the Western Female Institute. In Cincinnati, she also published the McGuffey Readers, which were the most widely-used classroom textbooks. Catharine met John Quincy Adams when he came to Cincinnati. She never stopped writing him about advocating for educating women with good hard-working Protestant women teachers. Never Catholics. Never. To note, Catharine also led a campaign to prevent the Trail of Tears.